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Let yourself be guided !

Come and discover the little secrets of my beautiful region: Normandy!

I offer my visits in French and English.

Here is the catalog of the walking tours that I offer.

A special request? Contact me and I will adapt to your desires!

Who are my tours for?

My tours are for everyone! Whether you are private, in a group, with family, with friends, as a couple, alone, school group or tourism professional, I respond to your requests in order to offer you an adapted service. 


Le Havre rebuilt

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005, the city center of Le Havre, rebuilt by the architect specialist in reinforced concrete Auguste Perret, is a must to visit. Le Havre is a port city created in the 16th century, razed by bombardments during the Second World War, which surprises today with its modernity. From the Saint François district to the Saint Joseph church, discover the history of Le Havre through its remarkable architecture.

Honfleur and its old district

Duration: approx. 1h30

Discover the medieval city of Honfleur, former major port on the estuary, cradle of Impressionism. You will be charmed by its half-timbered houses, its very famous old basin and the wooden Sainte Catherine church. From its Viking origins to the Newfoundlands and the Hundred Years War, this city steeped in history will never cease to amaze you. 

max-well-EJ7wvYItcYA-unsplash (1).jpg

Etretat, impressive nature

Duration: approx. 1h30

From the small fishing village to the renowned seaside resort, it is undoubtedly the beauty of its cliffs that has made Etretat famous. Source of inspiration for writers such as Maurice Leblanc or Maupassant, impressionists like Monet or Isabey, let yourself be captivated by the natural beauty of this world-renowned site. The more adventurous can be tempted by the ascent of the 300 steps leading to the top of the upstream cliff, offering an exceptional view of the village and the coast.

Honfleur, slave port

Duration: approx. 1h30

The history of Honfleur has been linked to the sea since its origins. Trained the hard way in the school of deep-sea fishing, Honfleur offers a breeding ground for experienced sailors who will take part in the voyages of maritime discovery of the 16th and 17th centuries. Soon, Honfleur will participate in colonization, in particular with the creation of Quebec by Samuel de Champlain at the beginning of the 17th century, then in the triangular trade which will take on a very particular importance here in the 18th century. You will discover this facet of Honfleur's history through the names of streets and shipowners' houses in the Faubourg Sainte Catherine, the sailors' quarter.

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